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Do we do sport specific training?
When Is it appropriate to begin strength training?
Is EPT Expensive?
Everything we do at EPT is geared to enhance performance on the field of  of play. Some components of our training have direct sport specific applications. i.e. the ability to stop-start and change direction quickly, the ability to accelerate quickly from multiple positions,  and improve vertical jump. 

 If an athlete is participating in competitive sports, they are ready to start APPROPRIATE training. This means using body weight before any other resistance, have full range of motion, and always emphasize proper technique. Nothing we do at EPT will put our athletes at risk. We acknowledge that all athletes progress at different speeds. Our job is to educate out athletes and help them progress towards their goals. 

Is there flexible scheduling?
Will my son/daughter be training with same age athletes?
Our primary mission at EPT is to provide the best training in the most cost  effective manner possible. We feel that we can accomplish this goal in any  sport.

At EPT we got out of our way to offer a variety of training times to accommodate our families as much as possible. 

 Yes. Our training groups are broken down as follows. 
1. Jr. Edgers – 9-12 years old, 
2. Middle School athletes 
3. High School and up athletes
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