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What is Edge Kids?
Edge Kids is a Non-Profit Organization that offers an onsite afterschool program focusing on the importance of academics and benefits of participating in physical activities and sports.


Speed & Agility Details
    •Age appropriate workout groups
    •Athlete orientation to address goals and expectations
    •Focus on proper body mechanics, core training and  change of direction development.
    • Increase ability to accelerate and creates a more explosive athlete
After School Program
    •Study Time
    •Homework Assistance
    •Team building exercises 
    •Speed & Agility
Benefits of the program
    •Kids participating in physical activities exhibit better attendance, have positive attitude and higher academics
    •Enhances overall well- being
    •Better concentration
    •Improves energy levels
    •Strengthens bones
    •Strengthens heart and lungs
    •Regulates blood pressure 
    •Helps prevent diseases
    •Decreases A.D.D
    •Helps control weight
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​8AM - 5PM
3601 9th St SW, Puyallup, WA 98373